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Price Leaders Retreat 2023

Welcome to the highlights of the first Pricing Leaders Retreat, an exclusive gathering for research by the industry's most influential leaders. Held amid insightful discussions, transformative ideas, and shared wisdom.


Immerse yourself in the insights presented by our esteemed speakers.

Introduction: Request for views on a general insurance pricing qualifications body, for people to read the proofs of the Price Writer method book, and for guests on the Outstanding Claims podcast.

Claims Inflation in the UK: Delving deep into the trends

The Price Writer 9 Steps: Introduction to the nine-step method to become one of the most successful and highly valued pricing leaders in general insurance.

Managing the Risk of Electric Vehicles: A look at what we should expect and consider as customers change to electric vehicles.

Internet of Things: Developments in connected devices and telematics for insurance.

Building Future-Focused Teams: An overview of what we should be doing to attract and retain talent.

Thank You
A special thanks to the speakers and attendees who made this retreat a resounding success.

To our attendees, we hope you left the retreat feeling inspired, equipped, and even more connected to the industry's pulse. We look forward to welcoming you back next year for another deep dive into the world of pricing research.

If you want to talk to me about anything please use the link below to book a slot. I am always happy to catch up.

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