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Jeremy Keating

The Price Writer

"I want every insurance customer to pay the exact right price"

  • Leader of Price Writer

  • Host of Outstanding Claims with the Price Writer podcast

  • Author of the nine-step formula to win at pricing

  • Winner of the Colonial Mutual Prize

  • Writes for The Actuary

  • Father of two wonderful children

Since I was a boy, I have been fascinated by stories like Foundation by Isacc Asimov. Where smart people use statistics to mathematically forecast the future. It is a key reason why I work in general insurance pricing. Why I am a Price Writer. The moment that changed my career trajectory forever and set me on this path was in the early 2000s. I was a junior group life underwriter. As I manually calculated the sum insured for a proposal form, using sets of numbers provided by the actuaries. I couldn't help but wonder: why x times y? Why not a, or b, or z? It was at that moment that I realized the future would belong to those who could create and understand complex mathematical algorithms, not to those who simply wrote numbers on forms.

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Don’t Take My Word for It

Jeremy has broad insurance knowledge and a strong commercial focus as well as deep technical skills. This makes him a great addition to any project. He's highly dependable and very easy to work with.


Sarah Vaughan

Jeremy has also proven to be a really great person to work with. He is highly proactive and has endeared himself to both Executives and Board members, due to his ability to explain difficult things in a simple and clear manner.


John Nickson

Jeremy is a strong pricing practitioner able to lead strategy development whilst also delivering on detailed technical implementation. A shrewd operator who works well with the team and also develop strong relationships.

Gideon Ingham



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